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What is a Training Provider?
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:46:38 AM »
a body which delivers learning programmes which culminate in specified National Qualifications Framework standards or qualifications and/or manages the assessment thereof

An education and training body, in other words a provider, is not limited to an institution or organisation. Providers can include companies, work-based training centres, a collaboration amongst a range of partners (organisations, institutions, companies, tuition centres, RPL centres, assessment centres, trade testing centres, individuals, community structures) and even some forms of consultancies.

According to the ETQA Regulations, an examining body may apply for accreditation as an ETQA and/or moderating body, as well as registration as an SGB. In some respects, it may be advantageous to accredit examining bodies as part of the provider system, i.e. a type of provider which is not responsible for the delivery of learning programmes. For example, the provider would specify an examining body as a body responsible for managing the assessment of the standards and qualifications for which they wish to be accredited.

Provision can also take a variety of forms including contact, distance, mixed-mode, selfdirected and on-the-job and can take place through a variety of mediums including “chalkand-talk”, “sit-by-Nellie”, through to multimedia and hypertext. Provider categories could be outlined as follows:
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