Author Topic: What is the link between a provider and an ETQA?  (Read 1115 times)

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What is the link between a provider and an ETQA?
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:48:32 AM »
Criteria on their own cannot guarantee quality improvements. These criteria have to be linked into a ...

... “broader national quality assurance strategy that includes a measure of external quality control
as well as the development of internal quality processes.”4

The SAQA approach, as provided for in the SAQA Act, is a cascade-model of external quality assurance controls and mechanisms based on an internal quality management and evaluation system. In this approach, criteria and guidelines from SAQA set the broadest framework within which ETQAs and providers are accredited. The Criteria and Guidelines for ETQAs together with these Criteria and Guidelines for Providers form the basis for accrediting and monitoring ETQAs and set the parameters for ETQA accreditation and monitoring of providers. In this way the broad external indicators and requirements form the guidelines for secondary accreditation and internal monitoring by accredited providers.

The ETQA is the body which accredits the provider and which is responsible for ensuring that the provider maintains and improves the quality of learning provision and learning achievements.

The relationship of providers to ETQAs is governed through the notion of “one provider to one ETQA” based on the principle of a shared primary focus. This is captured in the ETQA Regulations as follows:

A body may be accredited as a provider by an Education and Training Quality Assurance Body whose primary focus coincides with the primary focus of the provider.
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