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Appeals against SETA process.
« on: July 25, 2015, 01:32:39 AM »
Appeals against any SETA can be lodged for various reasons. This may include:

-Against the approval of a skills programme or qualification.
-The process of Training Provider Accreditation.
-Complaints against the Training Provider from 3rd parties.
-Complaints against the Training Provider from freelancers/contracted providers.
-SETA verification conducted against certificate of learners results.
-Tender issues or awarded.

The procedure (recommended procedure) to lodge any complaint or appeal against a SETA.

Stage 1

Get all your facts in order by:
-Get written proof/feedback of everything and from everyone (that may be involved).
-Check the SETA or Bodies website for documents/policies/procedures that describe the process. (get hard copies). You may even want to email them and ask for copies.
-Check SAQA or any other related policies and procedures for guidelines in this regard.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: A rule or guidelines is only valid once it is documented and published (preferred on their website or available on request). Any rule or guidelines that is not properly documented or published can be contested. People (within the process or SETA) like to include their own findings/recommendations/procedures that is not officially documented. This may however be a recommendation, but not a policy.

Stage 2

Most cases you dealt with the regional offices, or one of the contracted staff (external contracted to perform a function/service).
Lodge an official appeal/complaint in writing to the relevant body/SETA's ETQA manager, stating the words Appeal or Complaint in the heading.

*ETQA manager = Education Training and Quality Authority Manager withing the SETA

Ensure that you have written proof that you submitted this complain/appeal and confirm that they received your correspondence.

Depending on the SETA's policy and procedures and the severity of the case, the SETA/Body should respond with a reasonable time frame.

CONFIDENTIALITY: In the case of confidentiality, where you might feel that you might be targeted/confidential information we follow the guidelines as described in the assessment and moderation processes. Clearly mark all correspondence as Confidential and also indicate the reason for this. Not following these guidelines or dealing with this complaint in confidence allow you to skip to the final stage.

Stage 3

Contact the ETQA Manager in the Head Office or the relevant Department Head with a copy of the Appeal/Complaint. Again, depending on the SETA's policy and procedures and the severity of the case, the SETA/Body should respond with a reasonable time frame.

It is again vital important that all feedback and correspondence will be in writing, NOT VERBAL.

Stage 4

Contact the QCTO directly following the following procedure:

1. Inform the SETA/Body that you are not happy with a) the outcome, b) the time frame or c) procedure that your Appeal/Complaint was handled and that you handing over the complaint to the highest authority, namely the QCTO.
2. Contact the QCTO with proof where you notified the SETA/body of your intention.

NOTE: QCTO will not assist with your complaint/appeal if the correct procedure was not followed.

The QCTO will intervene and provide advice on the proceedings going forward handling this complain/appeal as the highest/final level.

The entire cost will be FREE of charge.


1.   Background

2.   Statement of the problem

3.   Source of the issue(s)
-   What happened: When; Where
-   Who are the individuals involved at: the incident and SETA.
-   Appeal issue
-   Attempt at resolution of the issues since the appeal
-   Timelines

4.   Impact of this impasse on your organisation.

5.   Your commitment to a resolution of this matter.

Hope this help, and please feel free to place some comments if you have any suggestions on this topic.

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