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  1. Align Assessments or Assessment Methods
  2. Align Assessmentsss or Assessment Methods
  3. Assessment Methods or Assessment Methodologies
  4. What I need to become and SETA certified Trainer, Assessor or Moderator
  5. Moderator minimum requirements for course
  6. Assessors and Moderators minimum qualifications required
  7. Characteristics of effective feedback on assessment
  8. Issues and problems with assessment feedback
  9. What is feedback on assessment?
  10. Defining formative and summative assessment
  11. Assessment Feedback Purpose
  12. Principles of good assessment Definition
  13. Internal and external assessment Definition
  14. Integrated Assessment Definition
  15. Summative Assessment Definition
  16. Formative assessment Definition
  17. Panel Moderation - Moderation Method
  18. Statistical Moderation - Moderation Method
  19. Components of a Moderation System
  20. Plan for Moderation
  21. External moderation
  22. Internal moderation
  23. SAQA Guidelines for Integrated Assessment
  24. SAQA Criteria and Guidelines for the Registration of Assessors