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  1. Become SETA Accredited Training Provider
  2. Extension of scopes
  3. What is accreditation?
  4. Certification of learners by accredited Education and Training Quality Assurance
  5. quality management system
  6. notional hours of learning
  7. learning programme
  8. integrated assessment
  9. fundamental learning
  10. exit level outcomes
  11. ETD practitioner
  12. ETQA or Education and Training Quality Assurance Body
  13. applied competence
  14. accreditation
  15. SAQA Criteria for Training Providers - Accreditation
  16. What is the link between a provider and an ETQA?
  17. What is a Training Provider?
  18. Criteria for the accreditation of providers as defined in the ETQA Regulations
  19. A model for providers
  20. Criteria and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Providers, SAQA Guidelines
  21. SAQA Evidence required in support of Provider accreditation
  22. SAQA Criteria and Guidelines for Providers
  23. What are SETA-accredited courses?
  24. What is Credit Accumulation Transfer or CAT
  25. Roles and responsibilities of skills development providers
  26. Training Provider Accreditation - Criterion 1: Policy statement
  27. Quality Control
  28. Quality Audits
  29. Quality Assurance
  30. Quality Management Systems
  31. QCTO SkillsDevelopment Provider Accreditation - updated 2015
  32. Accredited Assessment Centres
  33. Provider Based Qualifications-Qualifications accredited to Intec College, South
  34. Foundational Learning Competence providers
  35. Skills Development Providers for other New Occupational Qualifications
  36. Skills Development Providers for New Trades Qualification
  37. Skills Development Providers for Old Trades Qualifications
  38. Skills Development Training Providers for N4-N6 courses
  39. Types of Accreditation
  41. How to evaluate Training Companies
  42. What are the benefits of studying a SETA-accredited Course?
  43. Learner Logbook