View full version: Unit Standards - Skills Programmes
  1. Purchase NQF Aligned learning programmes from professional developers
  2. Assessment principles
  3. Different teaching strategies, methods or approaches in education
  4. How is RPL possible?
  5. What does ‘integrated assessment’ entail?
  6. Where do the Critical Cross Field Outcomes fit in?
  7. What is Applied Competence?
  8. Do credits dictate learning time?
  9. What are credits?
  10. How is a level described?
  11. Difference between a qualification and a learning programme?
  12. Difference between a curriculum and a learning programme?
  13. Unit standard
  14. Summative assessment
  15. SAQA
  16. RPL
  17. Qualification
  18. NSB
  19. NQF
  20. Learning programme
  21. Integrated assessment
  22. Formative assessment
  23. ETQA
  24. ELO
  25. Applied competence
  26. Assessment
  28. SAQA Criteria and Guidelines for Short Courses and Skills Programmes
  29. Overview of the NQF
  30. NQF History
  31. What are the objectives of the NQF?
  32. What are sub-frameworks in the NQF?
  33. What is the definition of a NQF credit?
  34. What is the definition of a Unit Standard?