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  1. Jail for fake graduates
  3. RMQP
  4. Is there a need for an Education and Training Ombud? 9 March 2016
  5. How to use the Searchable Databases for Qualifications and Part-Qualifications
  6. Beneficiaries of the NQF
  7. The objectives of the NQF as outlined in the SAQA Act are as follows:
  8. SAQA Legislative Terms 2015
  9. SAQA: The NQF and Curriculum Development
  10. The Recognition of Prior Learning in the context of the South African NQF
  11. SAQA: Quality Management Systems for ETQAs
  12. SAQA: Certification of learners by accredited Education and Training Quality Ass
  13. SAQA: General Education and Training Certificate (GETC)
  14. SAQA: The NQF and Standards Setting
  15. SAQA: FETC Policy document
  16. SAQA: Quality Management Systems for Education & Training Providers
  17. SAQA: Application for recognition as Standards Generating Body
  18. SAQA: Higher Education Act: Higher Education Qualifications Framework
  19. SAQA: registration and accreditation of private providers offering qulaification
  20. SAQA: National Policy for the Implementation of the RPL
  21. SAQA: Policy and Criteria for the Registration of Qualifications
  22. SAQA: Policy for Credit Accumulation and Transfer within the National Qualificat
  23. SAQA: SAQA Level Descriptors Booklet 01 June 2014
  24. SAQA National Policy and Criteria for Designing and Implementing Assessment
  25. Legislation Matters 04 November 2015
  26. South African Qualifications Authority Act (No. 58 of 1995)
  27. Traditional education
  28. Outcome-based education
  29. What is an Assessment Standard?
  30. What is a Learning Outcome?
  31. Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services
  32. SAQA Legislated Trademarks policy update
  33. The objects of SAQA are to
  34. Objectives of SAQA Act
  35. The National Learners Records Database or NLRD
  36. The National Learners Records Database or NLRD
  37. What are the Level Descriptors?
  38. What are Quality Councils (QC)?
  39. What is SAQA`s role with respect to the level descriptors?
  40. Higher Education Institutions
  41. The NQF and the National Learners` Records Database (NLRD)
  42. Verification of Qualifications
  43. Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services (DFQEAS) - See more at:
  44. What is the South African Qualifications Authority