Author Topic: Steps to be followed in signing a Service Level Agreement to become an AQP  (Read 762 times)

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Step 1:   Expression of the intention to become an AQP

i.   The proposed (applicant) AQP will send a letter of intent to become the
ii.   The QCTO will acknowledge receipt, capture and record the submission details in the QCTO database;
iii.   QCTO or applicant may request for a meeting to:
a)   discuss the scope of the qualifications to be assessed by the AQP;
b)   discuss the project timelines to be developed;
c)   discuss any questions the applicant may have in relation to the SLA
that will be signed if compliant;
iv.   The details of the applicant will be captured and recorded in the QCTO

Step  2:   Submission and the evaluation of the applicant’s evidence

The applicant:
i.   Will submit evidence of compliance with stipulated criteria;
ii.   Make sure that a QCTO official has signed for the delivery;

The QCTO will:
i.   Capture the details of the applicant in the relevant QCTO format;
ii.   Acknowledge receipt of the evidence;
iii.   Conduct the desktop evaluation of the evidence;
iv.   Will support the applicant to comply where necessary;
v.   Recommend for the signing of the SLA.

Step 3: Notification of the outcome and signing of the SLA

The  QCTO will:
i.   Notify the applicant of the outcome; and ii.   Arrange a signing ceremony.

10.   Termination of appointment of assessment quality partner

10.1 The QCTO may, terminate the appointment of an assessment quality partner on the grounds that the AQP :
i.   No longer satisfies the criteria for accreditation;
ii.   Has failed or refused to fulfil its functions;
iii.   Has failed or refused to comply with the relevant policies, criteria and procedures of the QCTO

10.2 Before the QCTO withdraws the appointment of an AQP the QCTO will:
i.   Notify, in writing, the  AQP of its intention to withdraw the accreditation, with reasons;
ii.   Grant the AQP a period of 20 working days from the date of notice to make representations on the matter; and
iii.   Consider any such representations received.

10.3  If the QCTO withdraws appointment of an AQP, the QCTO will notify the assessment partner of its decision in writing.
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