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Title: Quality Management - Criterion 1: Policy statement
Post by: ETQA Administrator on October 09, 2017, 02:55:40 PM
The organisationís aims, objectives and purposes need to be spelt out.

The purpose of an organisation having a policy is to indicate the ways in which the organisation views itself, what it sets out to achieve, who it directs itself towards and, fundamentally, why it believes there is a need for it to exist.

However, given the need for a TQM approach and the existence of the NQF, organisationsí policy statements need to also clearly locate themselves within the values and principles articulated in the NQF. In terms of these, policy statements need to:

0   Show how the organisation is located within the NQF;
0   Show how democratic practices inform the structure, management and operations of the organisation;
0   Clearly indicate the approach adopted in regard to teaching and learning activities; and
0   Indicate how ongoing development of activities will be ensured through assessment, auditing, monitoring, research and review practices.

A policy statement is not necessarily a detailed explanation of everything an organisation does, but an expression of the principles upon which an organisation bases itself as well as the ways in which it intends to operate, with whom, and for what purpose.

The following questions may help providers to define their policy statements:

1.  What are the organisationís values and principles?
2.  How do these values and principles link with those of the NQF?
3.  What are the structures, systems and activities of the organisation that attempt to apply such values and principles?
4.  What is the aim of the organisation?
5.  What does it offer?
6.  To whom is the organisation directed?