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Quality Management - Criterion 2: Quality Management Systems
« on: October 09, 2017, 02:58:37 PM »
Identify processes and outline procedures that implement quality management in the organisation.

As was noted earlier, ‘quality’ in the TQM, SAQA and NQF senses of the term is intended to mean a holistic, integrated, democratic, process-oriented and flexible approach that would:

0   Enhance learning in South Africa by increasing the number of learners, the frequency of learning, and the relevance and durability of what is learned; and
0   Establish a framework of qualifications and standards that are relevant, credible and accessible.

In order for providers to meet the specification of criterion 2, providers would need to clearly describe the nature of operations within their organisation. How exactly is quality assured in the organisation, on all levels? A clear description of the workings of the organisation and how they assure quality needs to be provided.

The following questions may help the organisation to clarify its quality management processes:

1.  How does the organisation, in practice, create and sustain a quality culture within the organisation?
2.  How are the relevance, comprehensiveness and clarity of standards used in the organisation ensured?
3.  How is information about the workings of the organisation collected, how often and by whom?
4.  How are learners’ needs actually met?
5.  How often are programmes delivered by the organisation reviewed?
6.  How does the organisation ensure that its facilitators of learning actually possess the competence to both facilitate the learning effectively and assess learners in ways that are consistent with the NQF?
7.  How does the organisation ensure that learning and assessment activities are monitored and reviewed?
8.  How does the organisation ensure that what is gathered from reviews, audits and/or monitoring in fact leads to improvements in the organisation’s activities?
9.  What are the mechanisms the organisation uses to report back to people within the organisation?
10. How does the organisation ensure that resources available to it are utilised effectively and efficiently, and are used to good effect?
11. How does the organisation report to and generally relate to the ETQA under which it falls?
12. How does the organisation relate to other providers in the area that it works
within, if this applies?

As can be seen from the questions above, this criterion requires a fairly comprehensive description of the workings of the organisation in terms of how they do or do not enhance the development of quality and ensure its sustainability within the organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: Accreditation will not be statutorily possible if such QM systems are not in place, or if the organisation (and the ETQA) involved does not have a concrete plan to establish these.
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