Author Topic: Quality Management - Criterion 3: Review mechanisms  (Read 795 times)

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Quality Management - Criterion 3: Review mechanisms
« on: October 09, 2017, 02:59:30 PM »
Outline the ways in which the implementation of policies will be monitored, researched, audited and/or reviewed.

In responding to Criterion 3, providers need to provide a detailed account of how, by whom, how often and for what purposes the activities of the organisation will be researched, monitored, audited and/or reviewed.

It has been emphasised that one of the important features of quality within the TQM approach is a developmental emphasis. This criterion is important because organisations can only develop if they monitor and review their own activities.

Various options exist in this regard, including external evaluations, the use of moderators, internal review and monitoring systems, assessments, appraisals, research, and auditing.

Providers need to provide a clear description of what system they have in place, how it operates in practice and what its concrete achievements are. Also included here should be a clear indication of how such review findings get fed back into the organisation so that improvements are operationalised.

In order to generate such a description, providers may find the following questions helpful:

1.  What are the review, monitoring, research and/or auditing mechanisms the organisation has in place?
2.  How do these mechanisms work?
3.  How often are they carried out?
4.  By whom?
5.  How are review findings reported back within the organisation?
6.  How do the review findings inform improvements in the organisation?
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