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Quality Management - Criterion 5: Staff Policies
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:04:00 PM »
Outline the policies and procedures for staff selection, appraisal and development.

The emphasis in Criterion 5 is on the organisation’s relations with it own staff. Providers will need to indicate whether their staff members are competent to carry out their roles as facilitators, and how they know whether this is the case. They would also need to relate this assessment of competence to NQF principles.

With regard to employment procedures, providers may find the following questions helpful:

1.  What criteria are used in the staff selection process?
2.  Who selects staff in the organisation?
3.  What selection procedures are followed?
4.  To what extent are the stipulations of the Employment Equity Act of 1998 respected in the selection process?

In terms of meeting the requirements of staff in terms of the NQF, providers may find the following questions helpful:

1.  To what extent does staff possess applied and integrated competences as education and training development practitioners? (See also references to applied and integrated competence in Criterion 4 above.)

2.  How does staff ensure the integration of theory and practice in the delivery of the programme? (Here questions of work experience to develop practical understandings of relevant theories, or the use of simulated work environments, and, generally, strategies to ensure the development of applied competence among learners need to be addressed.)

3.  To what extent does the provider ensure that all staff has access to ongoing forms of professional development and that they are themselves ‘lifelong learners’? (Here the emphasis is on the development and self- improvement of staff and on the procedures providers have in place to
ensure that this happens within the organisation.)

4.  To what extent do organisations ensure that their staff members design
their activities in ways that are informed by the organisation’s mechanisms of review, research, monitoring and/or auditing? (In other words, are teaching and learning methods informed by reflections on existing practices, or do activities continue unchanged despite the findings of reviews, research, monitoring and/or auditing in the organisation? Does staff decide on changes in programme delivery purely on the basis of intuition? Or is intuition informed by research into and feedback received on how well or how poorly a programme is being delivered?)

5.  How does the organisation ensure that its staff is competent to carry out assessment activities in ways that are both applied and integrated? (Staff competence in assessment practices is key in the life of learners, since this is the basis upon which learners are qualified. It is, therefore, critical that facilitators are adequately skilled to carry out this function effectively and efficiently. Since, in NQF terms, assessment is cast within the framework of lifelong learning and integration, assessment here refers to ways in which continuous assessment can inform the teaching and learning process, through, for example, learner portfolios. See also references to the assessment of applied and integrated competence in Criterion 7 below.)

The purpose of Criterion 5 is clearly to ensure that policy on staff selection and appraisal should be informed by principles of increased access and respect for employment equity policy, as well as ensuring the transformation of education and training practices and adherence to NQF principles.
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