Author Topic: Quality Management - Criterion 6: Learner policies  (Read 845 times)

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Quality Management - Criterion 6: Learner policies
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:04:52 PM »
Policies and procedures for the selection of learners are outlined, and learners are given guidance and support.

The focus of Criterion 6 is on learners. Issues of selection of learners, the extent to which their needs are met and what support and guidance they are given need to be explicitly described. Here providers need to be mindful of the following key NQF principles with regard to learners:

0   Learner-centredness
0   Learner participation
0   Relevance of the programmes to learners
0   Recognition of prior learning
0   Lifelong learning

In order to show how these NQF principles are being applied, providers may find the following questions helpful:

1.   How are learners selected for the programme?
2.   To what extent do such selection procedures recognise the prior learning learners have?
3.   What is the demographic composition of the learner population? (Gender and race are clearly crucial, but attention should also be given to how learners from outlying areas are attended to, and to poverty indices.)
4.   Is the organisation planning to diversify the demographic composition of the learner population, taking into account historical disadvantages and discrimination?
5.   How does the provider ensure that the programme is relevant to the needs and aspirations of the learners?
6.   How does the delivery of the programme encourage learner participation?
7.   How does the organisation identify the nature of support learners require?
8.   What support is given to learners?
9.   What guidance is offered to learners? Why?
10.   How are opportunities for further learning provided for by the organisation?
11.   How, by whom and how often are learners given feedback on their performance?
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