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Quality Management - Criterion 7: Assessment Policies
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:05:49 PM »
Outline the policies and procedures for the forms of assessment used and how they are managed.

Assessment policies are more than assessment practices. They include assessment practices but go beyond them as well. Assessment policies describe the approaches that are used by an organisation in its assessment practices. For example, are assessment approaches mainly examination-based? Do assessment policies recognise principles of lifelong learning, recognition of prior learning and integration of theory and practice? Are assessment policies informed by understandings of notions of failure and deficits or do they work in developmental, supportive and continuous ways? As such, assessment
policies need to indicate what approach the organisation adopts with regard to assessment and whether this approach is in line with NQF principles.

Assessment policies also outline how the processes of assessment will be managed: – by whom, how and how often. They include internal assessment, external assessment, moderation, provision of feedback to learners and maintaining records of assessment. They also include ways in which support that learners may require are identified and ways in which support is provided. Thus, assessment policies should not be conflated with assessment practices, although they include them.
In order to meet the requirement of Criterion 7, providers may find the following questions helpful:

1.   What is the organisation’s approach to assessment?
2.   Is the organisation’s approach consistent with NQF principles?
3.   How does the organisation’s assessment policy incorporate principles of lifelong learning, recognition of prior learning and integration of theory and
4.   How are assessments conducted, by whom and how often?
5.   What are the mechanisms that the organisation puts into place to assure the quality of assessments conducted? Are moderators used for assessments?
6.   Are policies and procedures for possible appeals in place?
7.   How are learners given feedback on the ways in which they have been assessed? How does this occur? Who does it, and how often?
8.   How does the organisation ensure that assessments are used to identify and provide for the support and guidance learners need?
9.   How are assessment results fed back into programme development?

Finally (see also the references to the development of competence in Criterion 4), the assessment practices of a programme must be applied and integrated. Therefore:

0   A programme should assess whether learners are able to integrate (horizontally) the knowledge and skills delivered through the different courses or modules, which make up the programme.
0   A programme should also assess whether learners are able to integrate (vertically) the dimensions of competence referred to in Criterion
4. In brief, these are:

♦ Practical competence;
♦ Foundational competence; and
♦ Reflexive competence.

0   The assessment strategy should assess the extent to which learners have the ability to apply what they have learned in authentic and changing South African contexts.
0   Assessment should be ongoing and developmental.
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