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SETA / Same Day Loans No Credit Check: Instant Financial Relief
« Last post by nielsarojaz on June 13, 2019, 10:13:55 AM »
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Software Packages / Re: Soft Skills Training Packs
« Last post by JesseMFleming on May 02, 2019, 03:35:24 PM »
I also want to know about soft skills training packs and in your post you have explained it very well. Can you please share the link from where I can buy this. Because I have found your post while reading something in website. I have tried to search for these soft skills training packs before but I can't find it anywhere. Now I am saving your link in my notepad so that I don't need to find about it again.
Accreditation - Training Providers / Re: Become SETA Accredited Training Provider
« Last post by Kulinski on April 25, 2019, 01:28:37 PM »
Is this certification program still available by any chance?
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Trainer, Assessor and Moderators / Re: Align Assessments or Assessment Methods
« Last post by DaveCWilson on April 05, 2019, 12:02:20 PM »
Assignment is very important of every students. I like your tips to make an good assignment. I will share your tips in your tips are very easy and simple so everyone can put its benefits. Thanks for sharing.
ETQA Communication   ETQA Communication 5 of 2017
From:   Ayesha, CHIETA ACEO
Cc:   ETQA Manager, ETQA Staff, CHIETA Regional Managers
Date:   19 September 2017
Re:   Private Training Provider Registration with DHET

Dear Valued CHIETA Stakeholders

1.   Please take note of this important information for your immediate action that has come to the attention of CHIETA. In order to offer training, all private Further and Higher Education and Training Providers must now register with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Those CHIETA Providers that have been accredited for a long time will recall that this registration was a requirement as per the Government Gazette No. 30735 of February 2008.  Many CHIETA accredited providers met this requirement and worked towards it until about 2012/13. This registration has now become mandatory again based on the South African Constitution, for your company for you to legally provide education and training in South Africa.
2.   CHIETA has recently learnt about the new requirement. I requested a meeting with the relevant DHET Officials, and I was granted a meeting on 13 September 2017, where it became clear that this requirement must be met by every accredited Private Further Education and Training Provider. I would also like to inform you that DHET is following a developmental approach and that the officials are ready and waiting for CHIETA providers to contact them should you need assistance with the registration process. See below for the contact details.
3.   As you will see in the attached documents that the registration documents needed to have been submitted to DHET by 30 June 2017. However CHIETA has been requested to urge all its accredited providers to prioritize this registration of your company in order for you to be a compliant provider of education and training.
4.   We have been advised that you can continue operating as a provider in the meantime; however you must urgently submit your Application for Registration. DHET could pronounce on this matter in terms of compliance at any time, and it is in your own interest to attend to your registration as a matter of urgency.
5.   Your company is required to submit your application to the DHET together with a fee of R500. Details of how and where to submit your documents are provided in the Application for Registration Guide APX-01.
6.   I include for your information 2 documents regarding this matter, as well as the CHIETA October RSF venue information, where the DHET Officials will provide this information. However please prepare your DHET Registration submission right away.
The documents accompanying this ETQA Communication are:
a)   Joint Communique 2016
b)   Application for Registration Guide APX-01
c)   CHIETA RSF Venues information. It is essential that you send an RSVP if you will be attending.
d)   You will also find all these documents on the CHIETA website 
7.   In summary, the following information is required for registration, and you will need to ensure that you dedicate time to completing the documents together with the required evidence. You will be required to attach the following annexures:
1   Your company’s Audited Annual Financial Statements (Special dispensation at this point has been granted by DHET for small companies not registered with IRBA or audited. Ministry has granted relief at this point and they must submit a reviewed statement from an Accountant. This will be explained by DHET at the CHIETA’s October Regional Skills Forum Workshops (RSFs)-see attached dates of the RSFs
2   Three Year Financial Forecasts (based on your Business Plan)
3   Business Plan (Still a requirement, however the Ministry has granted some temporary relief in terms of certain aspects in this regard, this will be explained at the October RSFs)
4   Surety (the Ministry has granted some temporary relief in this regard. No Surety required for providers who charge a training fee, etc - more information at the October RSF)
5   Company Registration documents Company defined as per Companies Act: Ltd Companies or PTY Ltd or SOC or NPC or CC
6   OHS Report (See DHET guidelines in the document entitled  APX-01)
7   SARS Tax Clearance Certificate (current)
8   Your company’s Accreditation Report from CHIETA
9   Student Prospectus (this can be the learnership document from the SAQA website or the Unit standards document or the qualifications document)
10   Student Enrolment Form (this can be a blank copy of the official learnership/qualification/unit standard enrolment form from CHIETA).

Please note: I have invited the DHET Officials to make a presentation on this at CHIETA’s October 2017 RSFs and they have agreed to do so.
It is important that you work towards your registration with DHET and that your company meets these legal requirements to operate as a provider of education and training. 

You can direct all queries to DHET to Monica Motloi and Ms Molly Kutumela. Their contact details are as follows:
•         Tel: 012 312 5021
•     Tel: 012 312 5667

I request you to also copy the CHIETA staff on all your communication to DHET on:
•   Vusi Mkhatshwa    and PhenQ |
•   Anthony Mofokeng

DHET has very kindly requested us to inform you that they are available to guide and assist you and that it should therefore not be necessary for you to contract a consultant to assist you with your Registration Application.

Thank you as always for your on-going and hugely valued cooperation.

All of these are natural because the merit things are not enough
Training and Conference Venue Hire / Re: The basics of a training room
« Last post by BrettMBell on March 11, 2019, 09:21:44 AM »
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Do you have any idea how to go about getting qualifications that are deemed historical verified and put on the NLRD? 
I did N1, N2 and N3 at Durban Technical College from 1986 to 1988 and although I still have my original certificates,  I can't use them as they cannot be verified. 
It took two years of phone calls and emails to ascertain that these records are in the DHET archive.  Unfortunately there is no system in place to upload them onto the National Learners database. 
I have tried to get help from the college, my SETA, QASA,  SAQA, DHET, Umalusi,  The Hairdressing Council, QCTO and numerous other acronyms but they all say they can't help.
I desperately want to be able to teach my trade but can't without my qualifications.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received
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