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SAQA Legislated Trademarks policy update
« on: August 18, 2015, 11:26:59 AM »

SAQA has produced a number of Trademarks which play an important role in developing and protecting its corporate image and legal mandate. In order to uphold the good image of SAQA, it is critical that SAQA maintains a policy framework that relates to the protection of its corporate image against improper or inappropriate use.
SAQA’s Trademarks have been lodged with the Registrar of Patents and Trademarks in order to provide the maximum possible protection against their unauthorised use that the law affords.

1.1. The Trademarks lodged are the following:

• South African Qualifications Authority
• South African Qualifications Authority together with the old and new Q devices
• National Qualifications Framework
• National Learners’ Records Database
• NQF support link together with logo
• Khetha


 The Advocacy, Communication and Support Directorate is the custodian of this policy.


This policy applies to all stakeholders that use or request the use of SAQA Trademarks.

 This is an operational policy.


6.1. Accredited provider: The certification, usually for a particular period of time, of a person, a body or an institution by a Quality Council as having the capacity to offer a specific education programme or trade and occupational learning programme that leads to a qualification or part-qualification registered on the NQF

6.2. Recognition of professional bodies: A status assigned to a statutory or non-statutory professional body by SAQA for the purposes of the National Qualifications Framework Act when it fulfils set criteria, including the registration of its professional designation(s) on the NQF.


Any stakeholder that wishes to use a SAQA Trademark must submit a written request giving details of how it proposes to use such. Such request must include a statement to the effect that the applicant agrees to be bound by the terms of this policy and review thereof in SAQA’s sole discretion and by any directive given by SAQA regarding how the Trademark is to be used. The applicant will also be bound by the provisions of the corporate style guide, if applicable.

Permission to use a SAQA Trademark must be given by the SAQA Chief Executive Officer.


Should the applicant wish to use a SAQA Trademark on an ongoing or regular basis it must enter
into a licence agreement in the form approved by SAQA (Annexure A): Deed of Adherence.


9.1. An applicant must satisfy SAQA that it will use the Trademark applied for in a way that will complement and assist in the achievement of the objectives of SAQA.

9.2. If the applicant is an education and training provider it must be accredited by a Quality Council as defined in the National Qualifications Framework Act, 2008.

9.3. An accredited education and training provider may only use a Trademark in connection with a qualification or part qualification registered on the National Learners’ Records Database.

9.4. If an applicant is a professional body it must be recognised by SAQA in terms of the Policy and Criteria for Recognising a Professional Body and Registering a Professional Designation for the Purposes of the National Qualifications Framework Act, Act 67 of 2008.

9.5. An accredited professional body may only use a Trademark in connection with the professional designations registered on the NQF.


10.1. SAQA Trademarks may:
• Only be produced from copies of the designer master drawing (in hard copy, electronic media or hologram) available from SAQA;
• Only be reproduced in a solid, unbroken tone on a solid, unbroken background;
• Be enlarged or reduced in size, provided that the relative proportions of each component of the design remain unchanged;
• Be reproduced in the solid Black or Pantone 072 CVC against white background according to stipulations and proportions available from SAQA;
• Be used in a central position for a symmetrical layout, or offset to one side for an asymmetrical layout;
• Only be reproduced upright, never at a slant or in a horizontal position; and
• Appear more than once in a layout (e.g they could be used in a series of paragraph headings) but may not be reproduced in more than one size on one page or panel.

10.2. SAQA Trademarks may not:
• Be used in conjunction with any elements that could be interpreted as being part of the Trademark design;
• Be encircled, or partly encircled, with lettering;
• Be used as a substitute for the letter Q in SAQA, or as any letter in any other word; and
• Be used to form a repeating pattern or border.

In the event that SAQA becomes aware of the unauthorised usage of a Trademark, the appropriate steps, including legal action with cost if necessary, to force the termination of such usage will be taken.

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