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The National Learners Records Database or NLRD
« on: August 01, 2015, 02:15:31 PM »
The National Learners' Records Database  or NLRD

What is the National Learners` Records Database?

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is responsible for the further development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The primary objective of the NQF is the creation of a single integrated national framework for learning achievements, enhancing the quality of the education and training system in South Africa so that it embraces the concept of life-long learning for all.

One of the features of a quality system such as the NQF is the ability to manage and report information about the system accurately. The NLRD, which has been in operation since November 1999, is the electronic management information system that facilitates the management of the NQF and enables SAQA to report accurately on most aspects of the education and training system of South Africa.

The NLRD provides the following information:

  • *Qualifications and part qualifications (including unit standards) registered on the NQF, their purpose statements, exit level outcomes and assessment criteria, and the NQF sub-framework allocated to each qualification and part qualification;

*The twelve organising fields and the subfields of the NQF;
*Recognised professional bodies and their Professional Designations that are registered on the NQF;
*Quality assuring bodies , including Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and Quality Councils (QCs), and the qualifications and part qualifications for which accreditation has been granted;
*Accredited providers;
*Registered assessors;
*The records of learners who achieve qualifications or part qualifications registered on the NQF and their achievements

This information is not published on the SAQA website, but proof of qualifications achieved can be requested via SAQA`s Verification service: follow the links on the SAQA website or e-mail

How does information get into the NLRD?

Each education and training provider sends its learner achievement data to the quality assuring body that has accredited the provider to offer that particular qualification. These datasets are sent in the format specified by each quality assuring body, and providers are encouraged to obtain these specifications from their quality assuring bodies.

The quality assuring bodies submit their datasets to the NLRD (in the format specified by SAQA) for batch-loading onto the NLRD.

Each Quality Council receives information on qualifications and part qualifications (title, level, credits, purpose statement, outcomes, assessment criteria and much more) that have been developed, within their respective NQF sub-frameworks. Once the accreditation process has been finalised, the Quality Councils submit these qualifications and part qualifications to SAQA`s Directorate for Registration and Recognition (DRR). These are evaluated by DRR, and then handed over to the NLRD for on-line capturing. The qualifications and part qualifications then follow an approval process before being registered on the NQF.

Is information generally available?

Information is downloaded daily from the NLRD to the searchable databases on the SAQA website.

In addition, SAQA provides information to respond to appropriate queries, on the basis that confidentiality is ensured for all sensitive information.

How do I access information on qualifications and unit standards?

Click on Services, then on Qualifications and Part Qualifications (this can also be found under Quicklinks), which will take you to the searchable databases of qualifications and part qualifications. Within this facility, you will also find - concerning the facility and qualifications and part qualifications in general - Help, Frequently Asked Questions, and A guide on searching the database of qualifications and partqualifications, plus summary lists (in Excel) of all registered qualifications and unit standards.

For those clients who need to download large volumes of this data, there is an "XML URL Builder" service available at a subscription fee.

How do I access information on which providers are accredited to offer which qualification?

Search for the relevant qualification on the searchable databases of qualifications and part qualifications. Each qualification shows a list of providers currently accredited to offer it.

How do I access information on Professional Bodies and Professional Designations?

Click on Services, then on Recognised Professional Bodies and Registered Professional Designations, which will take you to the searchable database of Professional Bodies and Professional Designations. There is also a guide on how to use this database.

How do I verify learner achievements of qualifications?

Click on one of the links to Verifications on the SAQA website, or e-mail your enquiry to

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