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My firearm is about to expire and i never received my SASSETA firearm competency certificate. Please help
•   Log on the SASSETA website
•   Hold your cursor on Application Forms and select Certification
•   Under skills admin Firearms download the Application for certificate re-print
•   Email your request to Grace Masedi- email address or contact the call centre on 086 110 2477

I forgot my WSP username and password. Please assist
•   Contact the SASSETA call centre number on 0861102477 or email
Please note that I can’t log in your website to capture WSP/ATR
Contact the call centre on 0861102477 for assistance or follow the steps beneath
Compatibility Settings for SMS
•   Please use Internet Explorer (I.E), version 9, 10 or 11 when accessing the SMS system.
•   Action the below on your SMS access page before loggin onto the SMS system with your credentials.

1.   Ensure your toolbars are active when accessing SMS. To do so, right click on the top right corner of your window after opening I.E. Please see below:

2.   Ensure MENU BAR, FAVORITES BAR and LOCK THE TOOLBARS are all ticked as indicated below:

3.   Go to  and access the SMS system with the link that is provided on the home page as indicated below:

4.   Once you are on the SMS access page, click on the Tools dropdown, and then click on COMPATIBILITY VIEW SETTINGS as high-lighted in red.

5.   The next screen will appear:
Option A:  Should the section high-lighted in red not contain any numbers; then your compatibility setting is as it should be. Please click CLOSE button and continue to update the pop-up blocker settings..
Option B: Should the numbers be high-lighted in blue in ADD THIS WEBSITE section, please click on the ADD button to the bottom right. Also ensure that all tick boxes at the bottom are also ticked.
Please click CLOSE.
The page will refresh itself.

6.   Click on Tools again in the Menu bar and go the POP UP BLOCKER. It must say Turn ON pop-up blocker, as indicated below:

If it says Turn OFF pop-up blocker, please click on the Turn OFF… section so that it changes to Turn On….

7.   You may not continue to access the system with your credentials.

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