Author Topic: What are the various types of Accrediting Providers that can be awarded?  (Read 986 times)

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Full Accreditation
A training provider is awarded Full Accreditation when he, at the sole discretion of the SASSETA, has complied with all the accreditation requirements. The provider offers NQF registered Qualifications and Unit Standards. Programs are evaluated in accordance to a set program evaluation criteria. During this time a relationship will be established with the SASSETA in terms of which a program of continuous audit and quality improvements will be established
Provisional Accreditation
Provisional Accreditation is a temporary status given to providers that have not met all the criteria for full accreditation. All providers are ultimately required to meet the criteria for full accreditation and may not remain provisionally accredited indefinitely. The SASSETA usually grants a training provider provisional accreditation status for a maximum of 1 year
Approval of Learning Programs
The SASSETA also has a responsibility for program approval. Program approval process may take place for two reasons:
Firstly , there may be providers that have applied to another ETQA for accreditation, and may have a limited number of programs that fall within the primary focus of the SASSETA ETQA. In these cases, the accrediting ETQA will request that the SASSETA ETQA undertakes a program approval process for this provider.
Secondly, there are instances where learning programs are not unit standard or qualification based and, at the sole discretion of the SASSETA, providers may be given approval for these learning programs for an agreed period of time, until there are unit standards /qualifications in place that are relevant for these program(s). The provider, however has to still comply with all the accreditation criteria as per SASSETA accreditation criteria.

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