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Characteristics of effective feedback on assessment
« on: August 16, 2015, 01:06:50 PM »
To address the typical concerns and problems encountered by students and staff with assessment feedback, the following principles can be used to guide the processes of preparing and providing feedback:

♦ Feedback should be part of the assessment design, with the processes of receiving and responding to feedback built into and made explicit in subsequent learning experiences and grading.

♦ Feedback should be constructive, so that students feel encouraged and motivated to improve their practice, and contributing to their positive self-esteem as learners.

♦ Feedback should be timely, so that students can use it for subsequent learning and work to be submitted.

♦ Feedback should be prompt, so that students can recall what they did and thought at the time.

♦ Feedback should be justified, by being based on clear and explicit explanations of performance against stated criteria and standards.

♦ Feedback should be supportive of learning, so that students have clear indications of how to improve their performance in a developmental progression.

♦ Feedback should be focused, on achievement, not effort; and on the work, not the student.

♦ Feedback should be expressed in terms of the learning outcomes, so that students can relate their assessment to the learning outcomes, seeing how they can close the gap between their current and their desired achievement of these outcomes.

♦ Feedback should be consequential, so that it engages students by requiring them to attend to the feedback as part of the grading.

♦ Feedback should be focused on independence, so that it leads students to being capable of assessing their own work, by facilitating their development of critical reflection and self assessment.

♦ Feedback should be efficient, so that staff can manage it effectively.

♦ Feedback is NOT editing, spell-checking or grammar-checking. Students should be required to edit their own work, and where possible to resubmit edited work based on feedback about what needs to be done.

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