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Components of a Moderation System
« on: August 08, 2015, 07:29:59 AM »
The components of a moderation system include:
• Appropriate timing
• The extent of the moderation
• Moderation materials
• Personnel

1. Timing
When will moderation take place?
Moderation can take place at different intervals.
However, all assessment guides should be moderated prior to the assessments. Recently trained assessors may require more regular moderation of their ability to conduct assessments than more experienced assessors, but all assessors need to be moderated at designated intervals.

2. Extent
What and how much of the assessment is to be moderated?
Each unit standard and qualification, assessment material and assessor falls within the moderation process.
Moderation activities need to be sufficient to protect the integrity of standards and qualifications.

The quality of the registered assessors and internal moderation systems will be a key factor.
Initially, fairly frequent moderation might be a requirement and there may be a need to conduct spot checks on a case-by-case basis in an evolving system. This could taper off once providers have earned the right to conduct decentralized assessments by proving (over time) that they have the capacity to maintain credible assessment systems.

The ETQA has to make a decision on how much of the candidate’s evidence needs to be scrutinized to ensure a true reflection of assessments done.

3. Materials
What materials do moderation activities require?

Materials might include the following:
• Assessment activities or assessment activity exemplars
• Assessment guides or assessment guide exemplars
• Case studies or exemplars
• Assessed learners’ work samples

Providers need to know in advance when these materials are to be made available for external moderation.

Where the materials have to be in a specified format, e.g. a portfolio of evidence, the requirements should be negotiated with providers. For the system to function well, ETQA’s must avoid making unreasonable demands or avoid intruding on the academic freedom of providers.

4. Personnel
Who will be appointed as moderators?
Moderators can be drawn from the providers and companies where assessments are being conducted, or they can be external appointees.
Regardless of where moderators are drawn from, they have be of good standing and should have unquestionable skill in the curriculum and assessment practices.
Also, they should have a good understanding of the expectations of all users.
Any person who is appointed as moderator or chair of a moderation panel, should have sound communication and interpersonal skills. Criteria and procedures for the selection of moderators must be established.

An appeal can also be brought against a moderation decision.
It may therefore be useful for providers and ETQA’s to have an informal stage of discussion before any formal processes are invoked.

Moderation Methods
It will be necessary to plan for the moderation systems to evolve and develop. This will require changing the methods used over time.

The range from which one or the other combinations of methods is used, could include:
• Revising exemplars of assessments and benchmarking materials against established criteria
• Doing statistical moderation
• Conducting external assessments which will serve as a moderating instrument and could possibly justify less moderations
• Common assessment activities and assessment guides
• Having external moderators undertake site visits
• Having external moderators conduct panel meetings
• Establishing site consultative committees

Whatever the form the moderation system takes, it is to be regularly reviewed at NSB, ETQA and SAQA level to ensure that it meets the expectations, and that the proposed arrangements are efficient, accessible and makes optimum use of resources.

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