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External moderation
« on: August 08, 2015, 07:22:09 AM »
External moderation is a means of ensuring that two or more providers delivering programmes to the same unit standards and qualifications, are assessing consistently to the same standard, and in a well-designed manner.

External moderation systems are managed by the ETQA’s.

External moderation involves:
• Checking that the systems required to support the provision of learning programmes across the institution/learning site are appropriate and working effectively
• Providing advice and guidance to providers
• Maintaining an overview of provision across providers
• Checking that all the staff involved in assessment are appropriately qualified and experienced
• Checking the credibility of assessment methods and instruments
• Checking internal moderation systems
• Through sampling, monitoring and observing assessment processes and learners’ evidence to ensure consistency across providers
• Checking assessors’ decisions

Individuals who will be external moderators should be experienced, know the learning area well, have undergone training for moderation, and have credibility among assessors and within their area of knowledge and expertise. A high level of personal and interpersonal skills are also required.

ETQA’s will have to prove that they have the capacity to manage an external moderation system that facilitates and ensures that these activities can be done effectively and efficiently before they can gain accreditation.

ETQA’s will have to ensure that moderation systems established are consistent with capability and means. The external moderation system could be centralized and directive, or it could consist of a system of local networks.

If a centrally directed system is set up by an ETQA, it could allocate the moderation function to one or a combination of agents. The following are examples of agents (answerable to the relevant ETQA):
• A panel established to oversee the assessment of unit standards or qualifications
• A national professional association
• An individual provider or consortium of providers
• Private consultants

-In a centrally designed system, agents must comply with agreed upon requirements developed in consultation between the ETQA and the agent.
-If a system of local networks is the choice, providers could design the moderation system.
-Local user group representation could be included in this option.

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