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Summative Assessment Definition
« on: August 08, 2015, 02:33:53 PM »
Summative assessment is assessment used to make a judgement about learner achievements. This is carried out when a learner is ready to be assessed, usually at the end of a programme. In longer learning programmes summative assessment can take place at different points to signify the completion of a particular portion of a learning programme. In this case, the learning activities and formative assessments are already completed, and the purpose of the summative assessment is specifically to generate evidence of competence.

Summative assessment must be conducted by an assessor registered with the SETA. Its purpose is to confirm that learners or RPL candidates have met all the requirements to be awarded a unit standard or qualification. Summative assessment should be made up of evidence collected through a variety of assessment methods and through activities that are part of current or previous work or life experience. The assessor‟s job is to evaluate the evidence presented against the requirements of a standard or qualification in order to decide whether or not credits or a qualification may be awarded.
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