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Assessment principles
« on: August 22, 2015, 03:00:20 PM »
1. Validity
 Assessment must measure what it says it is measuring. The evidence collected must relate directly to the activity described in the assessment criteria.

2. Authenticity
 The assessment task must reflect the learner’s own work.

3. Reliability
 The same judgements must be made in a similar context each time a particular assessment is used.

4. Fairness
 Assessment must not in any way hinder or advantage a learner.

5. Relevance
 Evidence collected should be relevant to the skills or knowledge that is being assessed.

6. Transparency
 The purposes of the assessment task should be made explicit.
 Task instructions and expectations must be made clear to the learner.

7. Sufficiency
 Enough evidence should be collected to make judgements about competency.

8. Flexibility
 Assessment methods must be adapted to meet the needs of learners and to match the resources available to the educator.

9. Cost-effectiveness
 Assessment methods and instruments chosen must suit the institution’s/educator’s budget
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