Author Topic: Difference between a curriculum and a learning programme?  (Read 4516 times)

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Difference between a curriculum and a learning programme?
« on: August 22, 2015, 02:34:30 PM »
Is there a difference between a curriculum and a learning programme?

Many people use the terms ‘curriculum’ and ‘learning programme’  interchangeably, as they are so closely related. The definitions set out in other SAQA publications provide more clarity on this, as illustrated below:

How does SAQA define Curriculum?

• SAQA takes a broad view of the term ‘curriculum’. Our documents define curriculum as being:
... more than a syllabus … refers to all of the teaching and learning opportunities that take place in learning institutions including:
• purpose and values of the learning
• learning outcomes
• content, activities, methods, media
• teaching, learning strategies
• forms of assessment
• evaluation of delivery, moderation
(The National Qualifications Framework and Curriculum Development, SAQA, p.6)

From this definition then, we could say that curriculum deals with
• standards setting
• learning programme development and delivery, including assessment

How does SAQA define a learning programme?
• A learning programme is defined in SAQA documents as:
… the sequential learning activities, associated with curriculum implementation, leading to the achievement of a particular qualification or part qualification.

In view of the above, the ‘learning programme’ constitutes the ‘plan’ for getting the learner to meet the specified outcomes as set out by the curriculum. This manual is focused on designing the learning programme rather than setting standards and quality assurance which happens elsewhere in the system.
• quality assurance of delivery and assessment processes
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