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The legislation that is applicable to this policy includes but is not limited to:
 The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act (108 of 1996).
 The Skills Development Act (97 of 1998)
 The Skills Development Amendment Act (37 of 2008)
 The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (3 of 2004)
 The National Qualification Framework Act (67 of 2008 - replaced the SAQA Act)

Relevant SAQA Regulations, Criteria and Guidelines include:
 Education and Training Quality Assurance bodies Regulations (No R1127 of 1998)
 Criteria and Guidelines for the assessment of NQF registered unit standards and qualifications (2001)
 Criteria and Guidelines for the registration of assessors (2001)
 Criteria and Guidelines for providers (2001)
 Criteria and Guidelines for short courses and skills programmes (2004)
 Guidelines for ETQAs: Equitable accreditation for SMME providers of education and training (2004)
 Guidelines for ETQAs: Procedures for the monitoring and auditing of ETQAs (2004)
 Guidelines for Integrated Assessment (2005)
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